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There are a lot of companies developing new equipment in the construction industry these days. No matter what your needs may be, you’ll find a number of competitors battling it out in an effort to solve your unique problems. Not all of them carry the load well, and that’s why there is usually a huge gap between the number one and number two company in any given specialization. When dealing with clearing large areas for construction, attachments and machines are going to be needed, and amongst the best stump grinder manufacturer options, you’ll find one name to be synonymous with innovation. Progrind Systems is doing something that most other companies simply aren’t, providing attachments for excavators so they can deliver on all fronts, and fostering a more technological approach to their future product range.

Of the many stump grinder manufacturer companies out there, few compare with Progrind Systems when it comes down to pure brute strength. Just one look at their attachment line up, and you will see how raw power can convert any large scale project into a seemingly small gig. Even large acreages can be cleared and easily brought down in a day or two. You’d be surprised at just how quickly and effectively a job can be done with just one attachment.

Comparing the old methods of clearing and stump removal to the options you can take advantage of today with stump grinder manufacturers such as Progrind Systems on your side is quite incredible. What once took weeks now takes only a few days. The sheer horsepower that is utilized in the machines being produced by Progrind Systems is astounding. You just have to see the Pro Head for example in action, swallowing up entire trees in seconds to understand what a huge impact this grinder could have on your business.

Large and medium size construction companies that have invested in the grinder attachments from Progrind Systems will testify to how easy it can be to clear brushes, trees, trunks, and stumps. Even hard roots and petrified options are no match for the attachments that can be placed on existing excavators. It’s truly a sight to see for most, completely pummeling earth with relative simplicity.

All it takes to become a true believer of the product line up from Progrind Systems is to test it out on a project. See this machine in action once and you won’t believe how you could possibly have managed without it before.


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By Published On: April 6, 2014

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