ProGrind Excavator Mulching Head

Get a powerful commercial tree grinder and excavator mulching head for all your forestry needs.

Progrind Series 50 is an excavator mulching head with a 50″ by 26″ smooth drum with fixed carbide patented teeth, patented drive belt system, hydraulic motor drive, and 440hp Caterpillar Power Pack.

Commercial mulching head for an escavator

Commercial Tree Grinders for Utility Right of Ways

The Pro Head excavator attachment easily cuts brush, standing trees, and grinds stumps to ground level leaving behind mulch for soil stabilization. The Pro Head is ideal for water and sewer contractors for clearing line right ways. One pass through does the clearing, with a low impact on the environment, thereby saving cost on the job. Pro Head used on road right of ways can trim limbs, chip trees, grind brush, reach over ditch lines, streams, culverts, fence lines and other obstructions where a conventional mower cannot.

Agriculture and Municipal Land Clearing

Pro Head excavator mulcher attachment can cut low lying limbs around fields, clean up ditch lines, creek banks, around farm ponds, fence lines, around building structures and many more applications. The Pro Head can be used to clear storm damage debris, recreational trails, around airports runways, wood lines, and golf courses.

Commercial Forestry Clearing Attachments

Pro Head is ideal for grinding and chipping building lots, commercial sites, and the stumps into mulch. As the Regulatory system governing clearing is phasing on site burning out and the cost of hauling to landfills is cost prohibited, grinding is the only solution and is cost saving. The ProGrind mulching head for excavators is the perfect tool for the job.

Environmental Work

Pro Head can go into a forest and selective grind trees, bug infested trees, storm damaged trees, thinning work, a fire prevention tool by grinding under brush and can be used on an active fire line clearing combustible material. Mounted on an Excavator, Pro Head has a minimal low ground pressure for an environmental friendly impact on the forest.

Stop Struggling with Land Clearing. We’ll make it easy.

ProGrind Excavator Mulchers: Made in the U.S.A