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ProGrind Forestry Excavator Attachments

Powerful land and forestry clearing excavator attachments built to get the job done the first time.

460 Horsepower



Let Nothing Stand in Your Way With ProGrind on Your Side

We all know that time is money. Without a high-grade mulching head on your excavator, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle with just about anything you try to clear. Our forestry clearing attachments built for excavators transform large scale projects into small gigs.

ProGrind Mulching Heads: Muscle Where it Counts

You’ve got a tough job that your machinery needs to be able to handle. Our excavator mulcher heads run a 460 hp Cummins Diesel, hydraulic motor drive, and a drum head with vigorous reversible teeth that will cut through just about anything that you throw in front of it.

Excavator Power Meets Efficiency

Our forestry clearing excavator attachments are motorized by their own auxiliary power unit. This means they run more efficiently without inflating your project budget or pulling power from your excavator.

Reversible Teeth

Two cutting edges on one tooth can double the part-use lifespan. In addition, the second edge is protected and clear of the primary wear area while cutting with the first edge, providing another cutting surface for extended tooth life.

The Most Powerful Mulching Excavator Kit on the Market

Clearing large trees and stumps can become problematic if you don’t have the right equipment. And renting equipment can postpone your progress and cost you even more money. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our excavator grinders and attachments prevent anything from standing in your way with strength and reliability Imagine using less machinery to get the job done well in half the time.

The Perfect Excavator Attachment For All Contractors

Stop Struggling with Tree and Stump Removal. We’ll make it easy.

ProGrind Support

Our excavator mulching attachments are designed for strength and built to last through anything that you throw at them. However, over time machinery can wear down or encounter issues. ProGrind Systems provides maintenance, repairs, and rebuilding services to our customers.

With budgets shrinking, saving money while still getting land clearing projects done in a timely and effective manner is a top priority for every business owner.

Many companies put some serious marketing muscle behind their excavator mulching head attachments these days, but when it comes down to brute features, very few can compete with Progrind Systems. We build various options to make the process of stump removal, clearing, and municipal projects run more smoothly and efficiently.

At Progrind Systems, we have not only crafted superior machinery, but we have also put a lot of patented design work into our mulcher heads for excavators.

For years, we have been helping contractors trim, clear and remove trees and stumps with ease. We’ve built our business on the quality machinery we build and continue to develop top notch quality that competitors simply cannot rival.

Are you ready to outperform the competition with a ProGrind Excavator Mulcher?

Here’s how to get started:

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  3. Clear land effortlessly and within budget

Your business is only as good as the machinery that drives it, so why not partner with the best. With Progrind Systems, you get the exceptional quality that you can rely on to handle even the toughest clearing jobs.

So call us today and quit being frustrated with underpowered machinery, and rental hassles.

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