ProHead Environmental Work

How ProHead Enhances Environmental Conservation

With an excavator as a base, you need the correct type of attachment for productive environmental work. An excavator attachment will offer high productivity and flexibility, no matter the task. As one of the leading manufacturers of excavator attachments, ProHead provides affordable, unique, and quality equipment you need to complete any environmental conservation projects. Some of the environmental projects you can complete with ProHead include:

1. Forestry Mulching

Have you been trying to find an effective way to clear a wooded land and transform it into a more usable space? If so, you may find the solution in forestry mulching with a ProHead attachment. At ProGrind Systems LLC, we understand that forestry mulching can be a daunting task considering the required cost and labor.

Luckily, we have ProHead attachments that offer an easy way to clear land cost-effectively while reducing environmental risks. Our ProHead attachments can perform forestry mulching on a plant-by-plant basis to ensure each tree is mulched on its initial spot. This way, you can pick the vegetation that stays, thus creating an appealing landscape effect.

Land clearing may create soil erosion. However, with a ProHead mulcher, the soil will be held in place while protecting other trees’ root systems. Mulching with a ProHead excavator attachment also allows you to reduce the growth of mold and fungi-related diseases.

2. Clearing Unwanted Trees

Clearing trees in forests is a topic most environmentalists hesitate to talk about. Tree removal is known for damaging the local environment, but this may not always be the case. Removing old trees creates room for new growth and forest restoration. With ProHead, you can weed out old trees, improving the overall health of the other vegetation.

Dead trees may also compromise the appearance of the forest. If you want to remove dead trees before they are blown over, you can count on a ProHead attachment. Whether you need to get rid of one tree or multiple pieces, ProHead will offer the solution you need to keep your trees thriving in a safe environment.

Get Excavator Attachments from ProGrind Systems LLC

At ProGrind Systems, we understand that you need to save on time while handling your land clearing or environmental conservation project. We stock forestry clearing attachments to help you complete your projects on time. Whether you need to complete a small or large project, our attachments come with auxiliary power to ensure you complete the forestry-clearing project without the need for sourcing power for your excavator.

If you are ready to get started with ProGrind’s attachments, you only need to:

  • Call us via 706-234-6163 or get in touch with us online
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Get a forest clearing attachment that allows you to clear your land efficiently at a pocket-friendly cost.

We guarantee to offer quality attachments that you can rely on to complete the most demanding land clearing projects. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more and get started.


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By Published On: January 25, 2022

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