Excavator Mulcher vs Skid Steer Mulcher: Ultimate Guide

Mulching is an indispensable process in land clearing and maintenance. It not only helps in clearing unwanted vegetation but also improves soil quality. The choice of equipment is crucial, and that’s where excavator mulchers and skid steer mulchers come into play. This post delves into the intricacies of both, spotlighting the unique advantages of Progrind’s excavator mulching head.

Excavator Mulchers: A Deep Dive

Excavator mulchers are a marvel of engineering, blending the powerful excavating capabilities with robust mulching power. The real essence of their performance is revealed through attachments that transform them into formidable land clearing machines. One such attachment that stands out is the Progrind Excavator Mulching Head.

Superior Mulching Capabilities:

  • High-Efficiency Cutting Tools: Progrind’s excavator mulching head is equipped with high-efficiency cutting tools that ensure swift and clean mulching, reducing the time and effort required to clear land.
  • Diverse Vegetation Management: Whether it’s thick bushes or massive trees, excavator mulchers with Progrind attachments and power pack tackle a variety of vegetation with ease.
  • Soil Conditioning: The fine mulch produced is excellent for soil conditioning, promoting moisture retention, and providing a nutrient-rich cover for the ground.  The mulch also provides erosion control.

Advanced Articulation:

  • Precise Control: The articulation of the mulching head allows for precise control, enabling operations in tight spaces and around obstacles with minimal risk of damage.
  • Optimal Reach: Excavator mulchers can reach over, under, and around obstacles, making them ideal for complex landscapes, unlike skid steer mulchers that may struggle in such scenarios.
  • Slope Management: The ability to manage steep slopes and uneven terrains is a hallmark of excavator mulchers, thanks to their advanced articulation and stability.

Durable and Reliable:

  • Robust Construction: Progrind’s excavator mulching head is built to last, with robust construction that withstands the rigors of heavy-duty land clearing tasks.
  • Low Maintenance: The heavy-duty design minimizes maintenance requirements, saving time, and operational costs in the long run.
  • Ease of Attachment: The straightforward attachment process of Progrind’s mulching head to excavators ensures quick setup times and enhanced operational readiness.

Enhancing Productivity:

  • Increased Operational Hours: With reduced downtime and the ability to tackle challenging terrains, excavator mulchers significantly increase operational hours.  Time is money, right?
  • Cost Efficiency: While the initial investment might be higher, the long-term cost efficiency, especially with durable attachments like Progrind, is a notable advantage.
  • Multi-Functional: Beyond mulching, excavators with the right attachments can handle a variety of tasks, making them a multi-functional asset to any land clearing, construction, or forestry or environmental project.

By integrating a Progrind mulching head, the excavator transcends its traditional digging role, morphing into a comprehensive land management solution. The fusion of power, precision, and performance makes excavator mulchers a preferred choice for professionals seeking to buy efficient and reliable land clearing solutions.

Skid Steer Mulchers: An Overview

Skid steer mulchers are synonymous with agility and efficiency, making them a favorite among many land clearing professionals doing small jobs. They excel in environments where quick maneuverability and speed are essential. Here’s a deeper look into what skid steer mulchers bring to the table.

Rapid Land Clearing:

  • High-Speed Operation: Skid steer mulchers are known for their high-speed operation which significantly reduces the time taken to clear land, especially on flat or mildly undulating terrains.
  • Efficient Mulching Blades: Equipped with efficient mulching blades, skid steer mulchers can quickly shred through vegetation, turning it into useful mulch.
  • High Flow Hydraulic Systems: Their high-flow hydraulic systems ensure that power is consistently delivered to the mulching head, enabling seamless operation.

Agile and Compact:

  • Compact Design: The compact design of skid steer mulchers allows for easy maneuverability in confined spaces, making them ideal for urban or suburban land clearing projects.
  • Quick Turnaround: The agility of skid steer mulchers facilitates quick turnaround, which is crucial in projects with tight deadlines.
  • Ease of Transport: Being relatively lightweight and compact, skid steer mulchers are easier to transport between different project sites.

Versatile Attachments:

  • Multiple Attachment Options: Skid steer loaders can be fitted with a variety of attachments besides mulchers, like grapples, buckets, and augers, making them highly versatile machines.
  • Quick Attachment Change: The quick attachment change system in skid steer mulchers allows for swift transition between different tasks.


  • Lower Initial Investment: Generally, skid steer mulchers require a lower initial investment compared to excavator mulchers, making them an attractive option for small to medium-sized operations.
  • Operational Cost Efficiency: Their operational cost efficiency is favorable especially in projects that demand rapid land clearing over large flat areas.
  • Resale Value: Skid steer mulchers tend to have a good resale value, adding to their cost-effectiveness.


  • Adaptability to Terrain: While they excel on flat terrains, modern skid steer mulchers are increasingly being designed to handle mild slopes and uneven ground.
  • Urban and Suburban Projects: Their compact size and agility make skid steer mulchers well-suited for urban and suburban projects where space is a premium.

Skid steer mulchers encapsulate a blend of speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness, making them a solid choice for a range of land clearing projects. Their ability to swiftly transition between different tasks underscores their position as a practical choice for many professionals.

Progrind Series 50 Excavator Mulching Head in environmental conservation and sustainability efforts

In-Field Comparison

When it comes to land clearing, especially on a larger scale such as clearing pathways for powerlines and highways, the choice of equipment can significantly impact the efficiency, cost, and completion time of the project. Here, we highlight the practical distinctions between excavator mulchers and skid steer mulchers in such settings.

Handling Rocky Terrains

In regions like Nova Scotia, where the landscape is laden with boulders and rocky outcrops, excavator mulchers shine. The articulated boom and the ability to manage slopes make excavator mulchers adept at navigating and working around rocky terrains. This is crucial for projects like powerline installations where the pathway often traverses uneven and rocky landscapes.

Tower Work

In the realm of tower work, where clearing around guy anchors and creating access roads is imperative, excavator mulchers exhibit an exceptional performance. The precise control and articulation allow for efficient clearing around obstacles and undulating terrains, ensuring a smooth pathway for tower installation and maintenance.

Access Road Creation

For big land clearing operations like highways or access roads to remote areas, excavator mulchers provide the required robustness and precision. They excel in clearing ditches, managing steep embankments, and ensuring the land is adequately cleared and leveled for road construction.

Speed vs Precision

Skid steer mulchers are undeniably faster on flat and straightforward terrains, making quick work of vegetation. However, when it comes to precision, especially in varied terrains with a mix of flat land, slopes, and rocky areas, excavator mulchers with attachments like the Progrind system offer a balance of speed and precision.

Mulching Efficiency

Both types of mulchers deliver efficient mulching, but the context matters. In large flat areas, the high-speed operation of skid steer mulchers can cover more ground quickly. On the flip side, excavator mulchers bring in meticulous mulching, especially in terrains laden with obstacles and uneven grounds.

Cost and Resource Management

In long-term, large-scale projects, the durability and lower maintenance needs of excavator mulchers could translate to cost savings. Moreover, the multi-functional nature of excavator mulchers allows for a broader range of tasks with a single piece of equipment, optimizing resource allocation.

Through these practical scenarios, it’s evident that while skid steer mulchers offer speed and efficiency in certain conditions, excavator mulchers provide a level of versatility and precision that is crucial for large-scale and complex land clearing operations, especially in challenging terrains.


Which is better for rocky terrains?

  • Excavator mulchers with the right attachments are better suited for rocky terrains.

Can skid steer mulchers handle tower work efficiently?

  • They may face challenges in certain scenarios compared to excavator mulchers.

Where can I find a reliable excavator mulcher attachment?

  • Progrind Systems offers a high-quality excavator mulcher attachment designed for challenging tasks.


The choice between excavator mulchers and skid steer mulchers hinges on the specifics of the task at hand. For those dealing with challenging terrains and demanding tasks, an excavator mulcher, particularly with a Progrind attachment, can be a game-changer. Explore Progrind’s range of excavator mulcher attachments to find the perfect mulching solution for your needs.


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