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Commercial construction projects are sometimes out of the scope of the average person. Tree stump removal is no different. Homeowners, for instance, may not understand what it takes to get a piece of land completely cleared, changed, broken, and ready for building on top of. Contractors, city planners, and many others, however, know exactly how difficult this task is, and therefore the right equipment becomes necessary to move forward. For instance, in order to remove tree stumps and roots in an easy process, equipment needs to be utilized that will make the job easier. There are a few tools for the trade that are being offered by Progrind Systems that should help in this process and deserve some serious consideration.

One look at the Pro Head offered by Progrind and you’ll completely be blown away. They have paid outstanding attention to the minor details, making sure that every component is built to last and rushes through the power that you will not find with just an excavator. The utility comes equipped with a 440 horsepower caterpillar power pack, hydraulic motor drive, and a drum head with serious teeth that will cut through just about anything that you throw in front of it.

If the purpose is tree stump and root removal with relative ease, — Progrind is a perfect fit. It features carbide patented teeth that will drill down through trunks in seconds, grinding and breaking up wood with ease. You will not get this kind of power with an excavator alone. Not only that, the additional power that comes with the hydraulic motor drive makes easy movements where mowers just can’t get through.

Cutting limbs, cleaning ditches, or municipal areas that have a lot of debris in line that needs breaking up becomes easily cleared away with the addition of the tools available today. Without the tools that are available from Progrind, any large scale project becomes a serious time consumer. Even with the help of a lot of manpower, clearing and breaking up areas for construction can become arduous to say the least.

Skeptics need to simply look at the equipment in action to become true believers. The video evidence is awesome and really does exhibit the power that is generated from the grinding equipment that lives up to the hype. These powerful products will save you time and money through efficient clearing of just about anything you put in front of them.


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By Published On: April 6, 2014

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