Clear Land Like A Boss

The most powerful commercial tree grinder and excavator mulcher attachments for all your forestry needs.

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Don’t Let Poorly Made Attachments Slow You Down

You need machinery that is tough and reliable. Our attachments run a 460 hp Cummins Diesel, hydraulic motor drive, and a drum head with vigorous reversible teeth that will cut through just about anything that you throw at it.

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Powerful Attachments For All Your Forestry Jobs

We make the most durable forestry attachments for commercial tree grinding, stump grinding, and excavator mulching.

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Power Meets Efficiency

Our forestry clearing attachments are motorized by their own auxiliary power unit. They run more efficiently without inflating your project budget or pulling power from your excavator.

Reversible Teeth

Two cutting edges on a single tooth doubles the part-use lifespan. The second edge is protected and clear of the primary wear area while cutting with the first edge, providing another cutting surface for extended tooth life.

Muscle When You Need It

You’ve got a tough job that your machinery needs to to handle. Our excavator attachments will cut through just about anything that you throw in front of them.

Don’t Settle For 2nd Best

Experience chipping with power, strength and reliability. ProGrind builds chippers mounted on excavators for chipping trees, brush and stumps. Our mulching attachments offer power, strength and reliability all in one machine.

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Second Rate Machinery Costs You Money And Time

Don’t settle for second best. Our custom-built commercial tree grinders, excavator mulchers, and commercial tree stump grinders are the strongest and most durable forestry machinery on the market. We built our excavator mulchers and excavator mulching heads to handle the toughest jobs you can throw at them. Progrind attachments will help you get any job done more quickly and efficiently.

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Clear Land Like A Boss. We’ll Show You How.

The most powerful commercial tree grinder and excavator mulcher attachments for all your forestry needs.

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Commercial Tree & Stump Grinders For All Your Land Clearing Needs

Get the job done like a pro with the best excavator mulchers and industrial tree grinders on the market.

Ideal for clearing line right of ways for water and sewer contractors while reaching over ditch lines, streams, culverts, fence lines, and other obstructions.

Clean up ditch lines, creek banks, farm pond banks, fence lines, and more. Useful for clearing storm debris, trails, airport runways, wood lines, and golf courses.

Perfect for grinding and chipping, our excavator tree grinders, stump grinders, and mulchers, save you time and money by clearing land easily and efficiently.

Effortlessly cut brush, standing trees, and stumps to ground level, leaving mulch behind for soil stabilization. Great for thinning work and fire line clearing too.

Stop Wasting Time and Money On Tree and Stump Removal.

Your business is only as good as the machinery that powers it, so why not team up with the best? Progrind Systems provides exceptional quality that you can rely on to handle even the most difficult clearing jobs. Our attachments for excavator mulchers and commercial tree grinders offer superior craftsmanship for the best performance out there.

For over 15 years, we’ve been helping contractors with trimming, clearing, and removal of trees and stumps. Our machinery has contributed to soil stabilization on jobs sites in countless geographic areas. We’ve built our business on the highest quality machinery we’re able to manufacture, and we’ll continue to develop top-of-the-line products that competitors simply cannot match. Choose the best.

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